Genghis Khan descendants

Genghis Khan descendants Genghis Khan loved women, choosing the most beautiful captives for himself and his army after each invasion. The ruler even organized beauty contests among concubines.

Uzbek lemon

Lemon is a tropical plant, it loves humidity, water and stuffiness. There is no stuffiness or humidity in Uzbekistan, and water will soon become more expensive than oil.

Iron Woman

Iron Woman Angela Merkel is returning from the market with her husband… He lives in a high-rise House in el Row. Merkel does not charge any free services

First phone call

First phone call It is believed that the first phone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell on March 10, 1876. In fact, the phone was invented by

About smoking

About smoking. In 1604, James VI, King of Scotland and England, wrote the pamphlet “Anti-Tobacco”, in which he strongly condemned smoking. This is one of the first anti-tobacco

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