Why losers are more fortunate than excellent students?

British journalist John Haltivanger published a sensational article that the assessment put at school does not determine the indicator of the child’s intellectual abilities. It writes that readers who read for two grades are more successful in life than excellent ones. “Adme.ru” the publication decided to introduce you to the author’s opinion.

From experience it turned out that an attestat full of excellent grades does not provide a happy future. Not always a reader who reads for two grades is left without work, without money. Among the rich and lucky people, those who studied at school for bad grades make up anchagina. Their success was recognized by the whole world.

For example, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates did not graduate from a college. Sergei Korolyov, who launched the first satellite into the sky, also studied at school for three. Vladimir Mayakovsky also did not read the work “Anna Karenina” to the end, since he read poorly. The fact that Joseph Brodsky studied poorly at school did not prevent him from receiving the Nobel Prize from literature.

Since reason is an abstract concept, with the success achieved in obtaining knowledge, it cannot be given an objective assessment. School does not always serve as one of the important factors for a child to step into an independent life. This can only be determined by the success that the graduate has achieved outside of school.

To achieve success, the child must have feelings of interest, perseverance, patience, and most importantly, awareness of the value of failure. That is why the hypocrites, whom no one looked at at at school, rule the world. They know better than others the ways to deal with it than they have learned from an early age to be unlucky. It is in entrepreneurs who” flew a hoe ” that this feature will also be available. They are not afraid to take risks, disobey the rules of the law, trying to create some kind of novelty.

Among those who read at a bad price have their own opinion, creative personalities are found in many. Psychologists say that such children do not like school procedures that apply equally to everyone. At school, teachers try to instill in the child their own opinion, paying little attention to the fact that they have their own point of view, thoughts. A child who has absorbed the teacher’s opinion does not even think about the fact that it will be different. And the two children, while listening to the teacher, do not return from their own opinion, as a result of which they win.

This does not mean that reading for bad grades at school at all times serves as the key to success. Even the “five” grades in the diary do not indicate that everything will be excellent in the future. The grades are only numbers on paper. The future of the child is determined not by grades at school, but by behavior, experience and connections.

Do not be upset about this if you have not been able to graduate as fondly as a school and higher education institution. Life consists of different flights and falls. Having useful knowledge at school, we achieve real, vital knowledge after leaving school.

Never stop learning, never give in to bad luck, the main thing is not to forget to enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge.

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