Use “very” less

Most students are accustomed to using the word “very” excessively. Today we will learn how to make sentences without using this word. For example: using Tiny instead of

Genghis Khan descendants

Genghis Khan descendants Genghis Khan loved women, choosing the most beautiful captives for himself and his army after each invasion. The ruler even organized beauty contests among concubines.

Why do spools appear?

Why do spools appear? Pellets are called loose villi or balls of fabric fibers that form on the surface of the material. The reason for their occurrence is

Do cats heal?

It is scientifically proven that the risk of dying from a myocardial infarction or other cardiovascular diseases, often associated with stress, is significantly reduced in former or current

Are Pampers harmful?

Are Pampers harmful? Professor pediatrician living in Russia explains as follows. Keeping the genitals of children warm for a long time will cause it to shrink and gradually

Qiziqarli faktlar va ta'limiy materiallar

Matn nusxasini olish taqiqlanadi! @sadikovuz