What is Ronaldo’s monthly salary?


What is Ronaldo’s monthly salary?

The legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had become the highest paying player in the world after moving to the Saudi club Al-Nassr.

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His annual salary is 200 million euros. In sum, 2 trillion 389 billion 560 million.

Monthly-16 million 670 thousand euros. In sum, 199 billion 169 million 826 thousand.

Per week-3 million 850 thousand euros. In sum, 45 billion 999 million 30 thousand.

Per day-548 thousand euros. In sum 6 billion 547 million 394 thousand 400.

Per minute-380 euros. In sum 4 million 540 thousand 164.

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Per second-6.35 euros. 75 thousand 868.5 soums in soums.

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