Information about Zionism

Information about Zionism

Zionism (named after Mount Zion in Jerusalem; according to biblical accounts it was the seat of King David and the home of Yahweh) is a nationalistic religious ideology that encourages Jews to come to Palestine and restore Jewish identity by establishing a Jewish state there.

Zionism is designed to support Israel in every way on the world scale after 1948.
Zionist organizations operate in more than 60 countries. It is headed by the World Zionist Organization (founded in 1897), headquartered in Israel and the United States.

When did Zionism actually appear?
Zionism was founded by Theodore Herzl (1860-1904), a Jew born in Budapest, whose book “The Jewish State” was published in 1895 to promote Zionism. In 1897, the newspaper “Die Welt” was founded to further intensify the agitation.

The real goal and dream of Zionism is to establish the state of Israel in the territory of Palestine (by any abominable means).

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