Teacher found a great way to explain to children what it means to laugh at someone

Teacher found a great way to explain to children what it means to laugh at someone

Today I came to class with two beautiful red apples. The children didn’t see it, I threw one of the apples on the floor again and again, and apparently both apples were the same.

I picked up the apple that was thrown on the floor and started talking about how ugly it was – crooked, cold in color. Then I asked the children to join me in spoiling the apple. We insulted him with everything: “Don’t be an ugly apple”, “Whoever wanted to eat you”, etc.

I took the second apple in my hand and we started praising it: “You’re a wonderful apple”, “Your pooch looks so envious”, “Your color is so beautiful”, etc.

After that, I showed the children both apples – they could not be distinguished by their appearance. However, with a knife, I cut both fruits into two pieces: the inside of one is smooth, beautiful; and the inside of the second apple, which was insulted with bad words, was full of spots.

It’s the same in life: when we insult people and say bad things to them, we cause pain and hurt in their hearts – like spots on an apple. Many people face such injustice and do not show what is going on in their hearts. A person may be happy and cheerful on the outside, but inside he has a lot of pain because of the hurt someone has caused him.

We have a chance to fix that. We can show our children how hurtful and hurtful words can be. We can teach our children to protect each other and be kind. It is impossible to beat with words, but it is easy to hurt the heart with it. Therefore, think about what you say and do not hurt someone’s heart! Teach your children the same!


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